Are You Boehmermann? Join The Spectator’s ‘Offensive Erdogan Poetry Competition’

The Spectator are holding an ‘Offensive Erdogan Poetry Competition!’ Douglas Murray aptly notes:

The very possibility of putting someone on trial for being rude about Erdogan is as illiberal or rather anti-liberal as these things come.  It will be hardly more of a relief if he is found ‘not guilty’ than if he is found ‘guilty’.

The fact such a trial could even be contemplated demonstrates that Germany is becoming little more than a satrapy of Erdogan’s.

Indeed! Merkel is certainly a ‘strong leader in a tight spot,’ but I’d rather she didn’t ‘do what she had to to,’ as the age-old excuse of strong leaders (Teutonic or otherwise) tends to run. I don’t know if she is making the trains run on time, but she is certainly making Erdogan’s eyes drip with joy.

So, please do join the competition the Spectator are doing. It’s time for a merciless satire bombardment of Merkel’s worthless sobriety factory!!



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