Zak Bagans Interrupts Wedding to Proclaim Love to Air Mask

Las Vegas, Nevada – Only hours before the newest episode of the long-running spook catching show, Ghost Adventures, was set to air on Saturday, the leading paranormal expert, Zak Bagans, made an announcement that he described afterwards as a “ghost he needed to get out of his closet.” The message that Bagans conveyed, his love for an air mask that was given to him as a child, came at the worst possible time for Dave Cornbeif and Natalie Muphin, who were only minutes away from being legally married at the time.

“He stumbled in holding onto this air mask just as the bride and groom were exchanging vows,” said best man, Justin Rodier, who barely recognized Bagans without the air mask covering his face. “The worst part was that he completely outshined them as no one has ever experienced the kind of love that Zak has for the device that keeps him from inhaling whatever harmful intoxicants he feels are only affecting him and no one else,” Rodier added.

The newest Ghost Adventures episode, Secret Scientology Lab, went off with great success and was the first to begin with Bagans wearing his air mask from the get-go. This chapter had Bagans along with co-investigators, Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin, exploring L. Ron Hubbard’s former Scientology lab in Los Angeles, California.

After proclaiming his love to the air mask, Bagans proceeded to recite 25 minutes of vows he had compiled for the three pound polycarbonate mold during their many years together. Following the reading, the marriage officiant asked Bagans and the mask if they took each other’s hand in marriage to a dual reply of “I do,” to which the entire 100 guests, including the wedding party, rose to their feet and cheered on the newly married couple.

Despite completely dismantling the wedding and having no relation to the bride and groom, Bagans provided the bachelor and bachelorette with an autographed photo of him and his new spouse.

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