Nancy Pelosi to Reprise Role in Sequel to Brazil Movie

Hollywood – Nancy Pelosi has agreed to appear in the sequel to the 1985 movie, Brazil. The trippy movie based on George Orwell’s book, 1984, is scheduled to be released in late 2015.

Pelosi appeared in the original film to play Mrs. Ida Lowry whose most famous scene shows the woman’s face being stretched like Silly Putty.

The casting is a coup for the studio because of the untold thousands of dollars they will save on makeup, labor and special effects for Pelosi’s character.

A studio insider told us Pelosi’s face is currently held together with spackling paste, gorilla glue, and duct tape.

When she needs to show emotion, a team of assistants use an intricate system of pulleys and cables to manipulate various facial muscles to form the necessary expression.

For the movie, the studio worker said her crew is able to put a blow torch close to her face which softens the putty that makes up her skin just enough to allow it to be pushed and pulled for the desired look.

“She’s really a freakish looking lady close up,” the insider told us. “She scared the crap out of me when she hosted ‘Tales from the Crypt’ years ago, but to see her in person? Wow. Skeletor, villain of the Masters of the Universe franchise, looks healthier.”

The other benefit to casting Pelosi is the fact that she is never out of character. No matter if she is shooting a scene or holding a press conference on Capitol Hill, the woman is seriously batshit crazy. She is ready to film, day or night.

Fans of the original film who want insight into the plot of the sequel will just have to wait. Mrs. Pelosi reminded us they will have to make and release the film before we can see what’s in it.

Author: E. Williams

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