“Walking Dead” Writers Smoke Crack, Kill Off Entire Cast

Hollywood, CA – Hollywood gossip site “Scuttlebutt” has learned this season of Walking Dead will be it’s last as every single cast member dies.

Talking to writers of the show on condition of anonymity, one stated after fan favorite Herschel was beheaded during last seasons finale they just got started and couldn’t stop.

“It was like we were on amphetamines…or something.”

Another noted that all along they were treating the show like a modern day Gilligan’s Island except “the castaways never get off the island and everyone dies a horrible, gruesome death”.

“We were trying to convey the utter hopelessness of surviving in a zombie dominated world where bravery, valor and dedication to family and friends simply doesn’t win”. He goes on to say “In the series finale young son Ben, the last surviving member of the group, puts his fathers .357 in his mouth and blows his brains out on a couple dozen advancing Zomber extras”.

The Network is currently working on a follow up show called “Walking Dead, HELL YA!” where zombies are the good guys and work feverishly to eradicate the pestilence of human infestation on planet earth.

One Network Exec was quick to add “But this isn’t a rip off of Falling Skies, these are zombies, not aliens”.

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3 thoughts on ““Walking Dead” Writers Smoke Crack, Kill Off Entire Cast

  1. Maggie.

    WD also has had a number of kids, but they all seem to die off quick. I loved it early on when they spent a week risking their lives looking for the little lost girl and the whole time she was a Zombita in the barn 50 yards away….heheh.

  2. Falling Skies vs The Walking Dead? Spielberg produces Falling Skies, so naturally there are kids in that sf show and there’s also lots of sentimentality and formulaic heroism. Walking Dead is ten times better. Lots of people do indeed die in it, though. And that picture up there of what’s-her-face is creepy as hell.

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