The X-traterrestrial Factor

Gene Roddenberry’s family have released early audition tapes, which show an x-factor style auditioning process to filter out alien species for his hit show Star Trek.

The tapes show various species of aliens auditioning for roles on Star Trek and being critiqued on stage in front of an audience.

The shows creator is said to have favoured this approach because he was able to gauge their over all likeability better then screen tests.

Contestants were made to sing various modern pop songs of the time in front of a small audience of cast and crew.

The controversy over the issue grew after the tapes revealed the treatment of the Klingons.

After their first audition in 1965, where they sang Shirley Temple’s ‘On The Good Ship Lollipop’, they were originally told that they were too ‘ugly’ to be on the show and that their facial ridges would scare away potential viewers.

Klingons that wanted to be in the show went under extensive plastic surgery to appear in the original series and it was only after years of campaigning during the 70s and 80s where they given the right to join the crew of Star Trek: The Next Generation in 1987, with their ridges.

The US government is said to be outraged by the treatment of alien races they had not even heard of.

It has now been disclosed that the US government were aware that it was the Ferengi who crashed landed at Roswell and had been monitoring the Romulan Empire for years, showing our mistrust of this species runs deep.

The US government are investigating pursuing action against the people involved in, what some nicknamed, The X-traterrestrial Factor.

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  1. The US government objection to the treatment of Klingons was because they were illegal aliens and being made to perform on Star Trek without adequate pay or safe working conditions.

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