Man’s Custom Motorcycle Causes Accidents in NYC

New York City, NY – (

Most motorcycles don’t get a second glance, in fact, are mostly un-noticed while roaring down America’s streets and highways, except one owned by Stuart P. Mitchell who has received a summons from the NYPD for causing a multiple car accident on West Side Highway during early evening rush hour traffic.

PHOTO INSERT: Mitchell claims he drove the custom motorcycle all over Europe and nary had a glance except in Rome where he was offered three times what he paid for the bike.

The custom motorcycle was manufactured in a custom shop in Germany claims Mitchell who faces several fines for distracting drivers and causing an accident which involved 12 cars and several taxi cabs, learn more about legal representation in regards a car accident.

There were no reported injuries. A court date has been set for early November.

Mitchell said his attorney is preparing to plead ‘no contest’ to avoid his license from being revoked.

“I guess I’ll either remove the body and place the regular gas tank back on, or try to find that guy again in Rome,” claimed Mitchell as drove away with a impromptu raincoat covering the bike’s tank and frame.

According to several friends who spoke up in Mitchell’s defense, his recent life has had some low times when his applications to join the Hell’s Angels or the Outlaw MC Club went mostly unanswered except when they returned is motorcycle photo with what he called ‘filthy graffitti’ scribbled all over it.

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  1. People need to stop being so idiotic it is your own fault you crashed your car because you couldn't stop looking at a dude riding a chick tank of a motorcycle nobody else's fault. The people who got into the crashes were idiots.

  2. they don’t get muddy from the front tire?
    You know how women hate that! Imagine…going out on a hot date and coming home with mud all over your boobs. I mean, it just ruins the thrill of looking at cleavage!

    Afterall, if you’re a woman who’s gonna give you the eye after you spend all that money on yourself to look sexy down at the hottest club in town. Especially if the guys can only see mud between your tits and maybe a few random clumps of grass and a few used cigarette filters sticking to your nips.

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