Seuss Estate Files For Restraining Order Against Vuvuzela Manufacturer

HOOVILLE, Nova Scotia (GlossyNews) — The estate of Dr. Seuss has filed a restraining order against the manufacturer of the plastic horn known as the Vuvuzela, claiming copyright infringement. The order, handed down in the National Court of South Africa, calls for the immediate cessation of the manufacture of all things Vuvuzela. It also clearly shows the Vuvuzela was first mentioned in the little known book written by Dr. Seuss in 1964 entitled Consuela from Venezuela blows on a Vuvuzela.

In the argument before the National Court of South Africa, the attorney for the Seuss Estate read the plea asking for the cease and desist order until the estate could establish monetary damages that could reach into millions of South African Rands. A copy of the court transcript was obtained by Tawdry Soup and reads as follows:

“Your Honor, as a representative of the estate of Doctor Seuss, I have arrived in the land of Heffalumps, Banya Banya trees and Floobooberbabooberboo, where you never have troubles, or at least very few. And I am asking you to try a dish, that tastes like a fish, but was made by a dog, who married a hog in a house with a mouse. It was our Doctor named Seuss, known in the land of Balupideeboops, who coined the term Vuvuzela in a delicate ditty, that found its way into tiny hands throughout the magnificent city. And although the poopookalups and torinalops are trying to prevent Christmas from coming to the children of Dr. Seuss, can you see it in your cold dark heart to stop the vuvuzelas from vibrating in my vakalubababoops?”

The Judge asked, “But why can’t a Vuvuzelist buzz like a bee, like all creatures, even some you can barely see?” Then he caught himself, “What am I saying? Order is issued.” He slammed down the gavel and walked out of the courtroom. He was immediately enveloped by the deafening sound of thousands of Vuvuzealots sounding their Vuvuzelas.

[ Editor’s Note: This story is completely silly, yet harmless ]

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