MBS Claims Other Leaders Are ‘Racist Hypocrites’ As He Flees From G20 Summit

Buenos Aires, Argentina- Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) lashed out at world leaders, calling out Argentina and the US in particular, as he boarded a plane for Saudi Arabia at the conclusion of the G20 Summit on Sunday.  MBS’ Boeing 767 took flight just ahead of Argentinian authorities who were in pursuit, armed with arrest warrants accusing the Prince of human rights violations.

“Those who decided not to engage this weekend are hypocrites for giving me the snub,” MBS shouted from the steps of his waiting plane. “They act like their countries have never fouled up an assassination before. I’m sorry that we botched the cover up, but we’re not the first ones to do this.  If I’d have been a white European leader, this whole thing would have been a nonstarter.  Remember, he (Khashoggi) was a Saudi, too! See the double standard? It’s racist.”

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It’s Time to Unbuild the Wall

The past few years have been utter torment.
But in order to truly grow and gain inner freedom, courage, virtue, honour, dignity, beauty…
We have to let the old life die.
‘The old Adam,’ as so many have called it.
Flowers cannot sprout but from the graves of giants.
All that is from the old life cannot but die.
Richard Rohr’s book on St Francis expresses it well.
The only way to receive new life is to welcome it.
‘No hate, no fear,’ as Guru Nanak said.
Every one of us has built a wall.
There is dignity and courage and strength in building walls, but we also need the humility and the receptivity and yes, the weakness and vulnerability to unbuild our walls as well.
Only then can true life and freedom finally flood in, and renew our souls and bodies; in ‘the victory of compassion’s noontide waves,’ as a certain poem has called it.
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