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President Trump Murders Alt Right Conservatives, their Ghosts still Support him

Dateline: TRUMPLAND—After President Trump ordered that all of his alt right supporters be systematically murdered, their ghosts said that they still support the president. Mr. Trump tweeted that he was grateful for their continuing support.

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Posted in Technology

Software: Do not Expose Your Computer to Danger

Our modern world is hard to imagine without the latest technology. Every minute a software developer creates something new, or upgrades the older versions of different devices and programs. And there is nothing wrong with that, because changes are intended…

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Posted in Serious Commentary

Russia’s Appalling Wifebeating Laws: The “Politics of Distancing”

Some months ago, the Russian parliament watered down the laws on wifebeating; something which is very difficult for a civilized person to understand.

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Posted in Sports

One Run Games in Major League Baseball

As a gambler, you have surely felt the financial and psychological sting of getting beat late in a MLB game by one run.

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