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Britain’s NHS Offers Free Racial Reassignment Surgery to Transracial Community

Following the pioneering path charted by Rachel Dolezal, the UK’s Transracial Community are finally emerging from the shadows, into the full light of day. The steadily-growing and increasingly vocal Transracial lobby in the UK are now making full-throated demands for…

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Spinetingling Quotes: Literal or Figurative?

‘Spine-tingling’ is a great phrase, that can either be a metaphor, or a literal phrase. But do any of you know of sayings that genuinely send a tingle down your spine?

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What is GPS? An Explanation into Global Positioning Systems

GPS tracking is an effective solution to help you keep everything under control. GPS operates by the use of satellites that are tracking the earth. Global Positioning System receives signals from certain satellites which track the earth twice within one…

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