Spreading Elucidation

© 2017 Tom Skulldaney

Taking sides to champion our own political heroes is like hawking gangrene as the cure for psoriasis. The only side we should take is our own and stay tough on those we’ve allowed to lead us. They only go astray because we let them. For some reason they’ve come to believe we’ve elected them so they can be afforded a good living. A great living in most cases.

When the information age was dumped on us, I suspect there was great concern among those who had burrowed themselves into scurrilous public service. Information threatened our very ignorance. A requirement for their success. Imagine their delight when they discovered it wasn’t a threat at all. It was a tool. Read more Spreading Elucidation


Trudeau Eulogies: The Fun Never Ends


Adolf Hitler did many things that we, as 21st century, progressive, tolerant, metropolitan Canadians, find difficult to accept.

But Hitler did stand firm against the Red Army, preventing them from swamping Europe and perpetrating the hideous mass atrocities and crimes against Humanity they committed elsewhere, on the other side of the world, in Russia, or thereabouts.


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