David Norris Disappointed at not Coming First in “Greatest Ever Fine Gael Member” Poll

Few were surprised when, in a recent RTE poll, Michael Collins was voted best ever Fine Gael man.
Indeed, it appears that many Irish people consider Collins a great man; perhaps even better than such leading lights of the party as, say, the charismatic and talented Enda Kenny.
However, David Norris is just baffled at the way the voting has gone:

Frankly, I feel very under-appreciated. I mean, we all know that this horrible, violent hooligan… sorry, I mean, our brave and loyal Irish Patriot Michael Collins, achieved a lot, but we need to put things into perspective.
Fine Gael is a very different party now, and we have progressed a lot since the days those vicious, despicable terrorists… Sorry, I mean the brave and loyal Irish Patriots… were smashing up post offices…
I mean… wreaking havoc and chaos in… um, excuse me, not that, I mean I obviously meant since the time they were beating and shooting countless innocent… no, that’s not it, either… well, you get the picture!

Harrumph… I suppose we do, David.

Originally published at The Spoof.

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