Who Said it First? Macron or Mussolini? (Questions: 4/4)

And here’s the final part! The answers appear in five minutes.

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24. I have a vision of my country, and I cannot sit and watch things pass by.

25. You cannot get rid of me… You hate me because you still love me.

26. We should not replicate the situation where one country is in a situation to hijack the rest of Europe.

27. For a revolution to be great, for it to make a deep impression on the life of the people and on history, it must be a social revolution.

28. We can’t fix the real problems if we only cauterize and don’t treat the roots of evil.

29. We are going to create a new political movement, one that will be neither on the Right or the Left.

30. I do not intend to defend capitalism or capitalists. They, like everything human, have their defects. I only say their possibilities of usefulness are not ended.

31. My handshake is not innocent; it is not the alpha and omega of a politics, but a moment of truth.

32. This is our civilization that’s at stake, our way of life.

33. The left which does nothing, achieves nothing, the right, which did nothing and doesn’t propose anything, achieves nothing. So we are moving forward.

34. Inactivity is death.


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