The Remain & Leave Campaigns Have Been Vile. Let’s Move Forward & Get Down to Business

The referendum result has already been known for a while in the UK. The economy has taken a hit, for now.

Both sides have behaved appallingly.

Remain have commonly characterized their opponents as embittered, bigoted, resentful, uneducated, flag-waving morons.

Leave have often claimed that Remain voters, in turn, are treacherous, smug, complacent, middle and upper class Islington socialists and over-privileged London journalists.

It’s hard to forgive the arrogant condescension and even brutality of both sides.

But now that the hammer has been taken to continental nationalism, let’s make sure ‘nationalism proper’ is not allowed to hold sway.

Leaving the EU is a defensible or entertainable vote; but leaving Europe is not.

The decision of UK citizens should be constructive and positive, in the long run; not destructive and nihilistic!

Let’s all work for that.



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