Brazilian Boy Steals Joke from Friend; Gets Publicly Hanged

A young Brazilian boy, accused of stealing a simple joke from his classmate and friend, was found hanged in front of his home, a pile of human shit piled against one another.

The young boy’s mother was left crying her tears out, but none of it mattered, for the people were too busy stealing from one another and justifying them with “justice”.

The mother went on to say, “My young boy was a fair and honest one. He would never commit such horrendous crime. If I knew of it, I myself would have hanged that little brat. But he didn’t, so it is wrong that you went ahead and did this. Shame on you!”

Sadly the public was too busy using their children as money bait for some white tourists while their moms were stuffing their assholes with so much plastic, even Michael Jackson’s dead, white body wasn’t bright enough to compare with the majestic and ever mighty plastic ass.

Their monkey pets continued to throw feces at each other and at the body of the little boy. And by “monkey pets”, we mean both their children and their actual monkeys. But what’s the difference?

Two hours after the little boy was publicly hanged, the police managed to show up; A record that stilled managed to beat Detroit’s.

All was well when the mother of the child was compensated with a FIFA World Cup ticket, a treasure she could never afford. The town was at rest.

With the people of Brazil going back to robbing tourists with their trusted companion in a motor scooter, what’s not to love about the “fine” country?

Author: JihadTimes

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