What Is Wrong With This Picture from Afghanistan?

Since the beginning of the Afghan war, the coalition forces have been having a hard time training and getting the loyalty of the Afghan police and soldiers they were training to fight the Taliban and Al Queda.

“Why?” so many drill instructors, trainers, Generals and other Allied personnel have asked themselves and their superiors over and over again.

This is important especially when the people you are training might turn around their guns and take their bullets out on you instead of the Taliban; or because they ARE the Taliban.

RIGHT: This is an actual photograph taken from a Humvee by a United States soldier who returned from deployment in Afghanistan. (CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE)

The problem, however, might not be that hard to discern. This is an actual photograph, given to me by an Afghan war veteran who had taken it out of irony. The picture was snapped through the window of a U.S. Army Humvee in Afghanistan while on duty.

It provides evidence of where the real problem might lie. The picture is of an Afghan Army barracks in the desert. Examine it closely.

Study the picture. Stumped? Here it is; the base is surrounded by marijuana plants.

Lets just hope they don’t start going after that poppy resin too.


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