Israeli Forces Arrest 1-year-old Palestinian Terrorist

Alert Israeli forces yesterday thwarted a potential terrorist attack by a 1-year-old Palestinian. The terrorist, Qamar Awad, was among nineteen arrested on land in the south Hebron hills that is in the process of being liberated from Palestinians. I spoke to the Israeli commander of the operation, Captain Ramit Dan-Dertroht.

RIGHT: Israeli Captain Ramit Dan-Detroht arrests 1-year-od Palestinian terrorist Qamar Awad in the south Hebron hills. (CLICK TO ENLARGE)

Barb Weir: Captain Dan-Dertroht, is this the youngest terrorist that you have arrested?


Capt. Ramit Dan-Dertroht: I’m pretty sure it is, unless you count the pregnant woman that gave birth while trying to cross a checkpoint without permission.


Barb Weir: How did you learn of the terrorist threat?


Capt. Ramit Dan-Dertroht: Our intelligence sources are the best in the world, Barb. We discovered that they had announced the terrorist action on multiple email list serves and had encouraged as many terrorists as possible to participate.


Barb Weir: What was the intended target?


Capt. Ramit Dan-Dertroht: The land, Barb. They were attempting to break the soil in some places, and to allow their animals to consume native plants. We were sent to protect it.


Barb Weir: Whose land is it?


Capt. Ramit Dan-Dertroht: They consider it their land just because they have lived here for hundreds of years and because they have deeds to it. However, that gives them no right to abuse it, and it is Israeli policy to do all we can to liberate it from them.

“They consider it their land just because they have lived here for hundreds of years and because they have deeds to it.”

Barb Weir: How will you do that?


Capt. Ramit Dan-Dertroht: The law states that if they don’t use the land for three years, it reverts to the state. Therefore, our job is to make sure they don’t come here. In other places we build a wall for that purpose, but we think we can manage without it here.


Barb Weir: Didn’t the High Court recently rule that the military must facilitate access of these people to their land?


Capt. Ramit Dan-Dertroht: That’s true, Barb, but that task has been assigned to another unit. Our job is facilitate exit from the land.


Barb Weir: So where is the other unit?


Capt. Ramit Dan-Dertroht: I’m not sure. I heard they were assigned to submarine duty.


Barb Weir: Did the arrested terrorists give you much trouble?


Capt. Ramit Dan-Dertroht: You have no idea, Barb – especially the 1-year-old. We interrogated her for hours, but she refused to answer questions or sign a statement. Usually we withhold bathroom privileges until they comply, but they are responding with new resistance techniques. This one brazenly urinated and defecated in front of us, and screamed at us the whole time. I’m telling you, these Palestinian terrorists are getting tougher.

Author: Barb Weir

Barb Weir is the pseudonym of a writer and social justice advocate in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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