Matter Over Mind: 9 Rules that MAY JUST Help Fix Your Microbiome!

‘Mind over matter,’ or so they say, but does the same apply in reverse? Well, some people believe a lot of mental and spiritual health problems have a physical basis, and are related to gut dysbiosis (poor balance of microbes in the gut). Here are a few commonly held beliefs on this topic. I am not endorsing any of these, but feel free to discuss any of them with your doctor! (See legal disclaimer below).

1. Alcohol and caffeine in moderation only. Or in EXTREME cases, quit.
2. Probiotics: different options are available including (for example) capsules, miso soup, keffir, bio yoghurt. Capsules do vary, so feel free to experiment sensibly. Also, people react differently to different mediums: e.g. if you have a lactose problem, bio yoghurt is a bad idea, unless you find lactase supplements can help you.
3. Vitamins and mineral supplements, and of course a balanced and sensible diet.
4. Sprinkle some natural fungicides in some water, and then drink them. E.g. garlic, turmeric, ginger. (be careful: this may have unintended consequences for some people. So make sure you take a variety).
5. General digestive enzymes may help, i.e. not just lactase, which is for lactose only. Again, different options exist, so play around sensibly.
6. Take sensible amounts of sugar, especially sucrose. Keep processed foods down to a minimum, and consider whole grains over refined starches.
7. Substance and process addictions (narcotics OR masturbation, gambling, pornography, sex) can mess with serotonin levels, which does affect the gut.
8. Gut dysbiosis can be a side effect of some medicines, even some which are otherwise beneficial.
9. Good food routine: timing, frequency, speed, try and avoid walking or doing anything else other than eating. Maybe pray or meditate before eating, or put the right kind of music on in advance.
DISCLAIMER: None of the above is to be understood as constituting medical advice. Be sure to consult with a qualified medical professional before taking any new measures.

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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