GIFT OF THE GABBARD: Why I’m Personally Rooting for Tulsi! 💙☺️

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When a general guideline is misapplied to inappropriate cases, problems can arise. In the era of Trump, hypocrites say ‘do not claim your brother or sister in the faith is not of God.’ But whether it’s PC to say this or not, the Republican Party and the Democrat Party are both full of what can only be descried as Satanic Christians: abusive, accusative, hypocritical, sanctimonious and thoroughly devoid of humility, compassion and the basic rudiments of morality. Corrupt snake oil peddlers like Pelosi and Trump are preachers of doers of unspeakably abominable things, and the problem is not merely that they do evil, but that they glory in it, or at least appear stubborn in their wickedness.

Now there is not one single person on earth who does not miss the mark (literal translation of the Greek ‘hamartia,’ commonly rendered ‘sin.’ But there is all the difference in the world between fighting AGAINST our faults, even if at times half-heartedly and inconsistently, versus fighting FOR them. As always, discrimination is a key virtue. The glutton is one thing, the fat supremacist another. To infanticide is one thing, to be an infanticide lobbyist is another. A drunkard is one thing, a Pisshead Pride lout is another. A porn addict is one thing, a third wave pornography hustler another. A kerb-crawler is one thing, a sex positive Nice Guy journalist another.

So in this context, it really is extraordinarily exciting to see even ONE woman or man of prayer aiming for the nomination of one of America’s two HUGE parties. Tulsi Gabbard has not only brought an unbelievable amount of class, character and dignity to American politics, but in addition, an authentic piety that is attractive but unostentatious, seductive but pure, magnetic but radically down to earth and humble.

What a wondrous thing it would be, what a miraculously beautiful gift to America and the world, if it took a devout Hindu, a much better Christian (according to the spirit, at least) than the hypocritical, apostate Christ-deniers of both parties, to restore the dignity of faith and love for God and all living creatures.

There is an old saying that people look at the outside, but God looks at the heart. It is also said that He is not a respecter of persons; this means He is the only truly impartial (and infinitely loving) Judge, Father, and Friend.

Who can be sure that like Esther, Tulsi may not indeed have been raised up to confound the expectations of those who were slumbering, when they ought to have been on watch?
I don’t know if America deserves Tulsi, or if anyone deserves her, but I know we have been given a very special light in an age that seems dark as the most hideous depths of Pandemonium.

Tulsi Gabbard (46457947934)

God wants us all to understand, to truly, truly understand that if we are circumcised (that is to say, baptised) according to the flesh, but not according to the spirit, then others with hearts circumcised in self-sacrifice and baptised in purity of spirit, will be engrafted in. It is not all who say ‘Lord, Lord,’ but those who do the will of the Father, who are pleasing to his will.
People of every faith must pray for a wise leader in America.

And we must all pray that no matter what comes of her political career, Tulsi will be well shepherded and guided, and that no envious power in heaven, earth or hell shall ever be able to pluck her out of the protecting hand of the Ever-Living God.

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Author: Wallace Runnymede

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