Don’t Sacrifice Your Ideals for Any Living Creature!

Anyone who truly loves you will let you keep your integrity. Anyone who tries to keep you from your highest of values is not acting out of love, but out of some much lower, baser, ignobler motive.
If your values are pure, others will inevitably envy them.
They will demand perfection for you, but they will have no expectations for themselves and their confederates.
If your values are too far ahead or too far behind for such a wicked world, they will inevitably try to undermine you, shame you, trivialise all they do.
Be wise.
Be brave.
Be prepared to be hung, drawn and quartered, if that’s what it took you, rather than to sacrifice your dearest ideals for those who cannot and will not understand the purest essence of what drives you to moral excellence and the pursuit of wisdom.

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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