Depression & Suicidal Ideation: Will it Ever Get Better?

Just a quick message to some of you who are struggling.
Out of the large number of people reading, it’s a fair bet that quite a number of you have had suicidal ideations in the past.
I am aware that there are different kinds of ideations; sometimes, it’s a morbid fantasy, and sometimes, it’s an actual desire to kill oneself.
Everyone is different, and people change over time.
Either way, I just want to say that suicidal ideations don’t have to be something inevitable.
I don’t want to trivialize this. I don’t have a magic formula that will make it all go away. I don’t even know if you yourself want it to go away. Perhaps some of you cling to these suicidal ideations; perhaps you can’t imagine life without them, even?
Everybody has something or someone they cling to.
It’s normal. Human nature is what it is.
But I just want to say that these things are not necessarily part of the intrinsic fabric and structure of your mind.
I have not fantasised about suicide since early 2012, at the very latest.
Even when I was incredibly unwell and at my lifelong lowest ebb around 2015-ish, I don’t recall any attempt to draw back these ghostly freaks and fetishes.
So, please be open to the possibility.
Your will is your own, and not mine.
But things CAN be different.
“Hope springs eternal in the human breast.”
What new hopes will you bring to yourself and those around you?
You have a very special mission in this world.
No more or less than anyone else.
You have a privilege no-one else has been given.
Some of you will find it difficult to see this.
You don’t have to believe it now.
You don’t even have to entertain it.
But if you can entertain entertaining, and just hold it in suspension like that (see, like this), that would be a truly beautiful thing.
That’s how all powerful things being to happen.
Every prairie fire began with a single spark.
Set the world on fire; because who else can do these wondrous works, but you?
Love to all.🖤

Image attribution:

By NASA, ESA, and The Hubble Heritage Team (AURA/STScI) – This file has been extracted from another file: Ring galaxy AM 0644-741 (captured by the Hubble Space Telescope).jpg, Public Domain, Link


Author: Wallace Runnymede

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