Random Thoughts (VI): Sweden’s Summer of Hate, and Some Naughty Plants!

First World Antisemitism, First World Problems

It just so turns out that certain plants in Sweden with problematic names are going to be renamed. No more ‘Wandering Jew,’ or ‘Jew Cherry,’ for example.

Meanwhile, religious extremists and white nationalists want to actually kill Jews, torture them, throw acid on their faces, rape them; hasn’t anyone heard about the ‘Gas the Synagogue’ real life and social media incident?

Call me a presumptuous oul’ bugger, but something tells our One Tongue Johnny that Jews are more worried about other things right now.

Summer, Bloody Summer

It seems Sweden has just had its ‘Bloody Summer.’

Not a ‘bloody Sunday,’ but a whole season of blood and torment.

Over here in Europe, integration is a mess. White nationalists, civic nationalists, jihadists, Islamists, Islamic fundamentalists, Christian reactionaries; a very toxic brew!

Simple lesson:

Make immigration meritocratic.

Bring ’em all over here! The Slavoj Zizeks, Jurgen Habermases, Jack Mas, Cecilia Bartolis, Jack Mas, Bollywood actresses, Mexican enterpreneurs, Ugandan surgeons.

Otherwise, expect more of the same.

Education, ideas, media, publicity; none of that can salvage the situation.

Material measures needed.

Idealism is of no avail; everyone needing this needs to be a materialist.

Focusing on brute reality, not fully notions and sentiments.

Then there is hope.

Refugee Miscalculation in France

In France, a controversial mathematics textbook has used migrants as a the topic of a maths problem.

This has caused a backlash.

This is quite a strange story, and makes me wonder what is going on here.

What lay behind this decision to write this mathematics problem, in this textbook; if anything?


Is this, if not a nationalistic gesture, at least a nationist gesture? Or are too people being too sensitive? What do you think? Leave your thoughts below.

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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