Manspread Feminism vs Pro-Woman Feminism: Which is Better?

It’s a pity Manspread Feminists haven’t got around to paying attention to actual rape culture in the UK, USA, North Korea, KSA, wherever; as perpetrated by men of all ideologies (although the question of whether some ideologies exert a larger statistical effect is worth pondering).

Feminism, in the abstract, should be valued and taken seriously; but like anything in history, there are a few ‘establishments’ by now who are crowding out certain voices.

On the one hand, White Humanitarian Feminism, or Imperial Feminism, is intrinsically racist towards POC and WOC.

On the other, Postmodern Regressive Leftist Social Justice Feminism denigrates Jews, conducts apologetics for choppers, nationalists and racists provided only they are adequately ‘oppressed’ to deserve patronage.

Of course, many feminists also oppose both tendencies; it is these brave women who will, in due course, succeed in renewing feminism, and purging it of Humanitarian Aggression and Pomo alike.

For now though, I have to say:



You know how it feels when people sneer at ‘freakin’ liberals’ and ‘the left’ because of the actions of idiotic regressive assclowns?

Well, I suspect that may be how rational feminists feel when people associate them with anti-manspreading SJWs.


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