Three Northern Ireland Song Parodies Are On Their Way

Haven’t published any song parodies here for a while. Over the next three days, we’ve got Billy Joel, Led Zeppelin and John Lennon!

Some brief spoilers:

Peace Wall Banditry

Lads did ye get some U2 posters?
Get a little beer?

Which exciting Dick Turpinesque song is this?

It’s not Whiskey in the Jar, by Thin Lizzy!

Imagine Our Johnny Lennon, Now!

Imagine there’s no Starbucks
Fast food is evil nahee

Note the spelling!

Oh, and…

OK, I suppose this is an easy one.

There’s a bit of a Rab C Nesbitt reference too, but I guess there are a lot of my fellow Hiberno-Irish way back ‘across the water!’

She’s Always a Loyalist Wimmin tee Him There, Aye!

She’s been living in her Papish world
As long as any fan of Rangers can


Tough call.

Interfaith dating, with a slightly ‘not how you do it’ twist!

Watch out for the song parodies, then! Thursday, Friday, Saturday!

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