Virgin-Baiting Taylor Swift: Mainstream Establishment Feminism Versus Woman Singers

The PC view from the mainstream feminist establishment is that Taylor Swift’s ‘Love Story’ is misogynisticTalk about First World Problems!
Here’s a nice little Exhibit A of this simplistic and crude misrepresentation of this song (it discusses some other songs too):

The lyrics are actually quite subtle; far from promoting a virginal mystique, there is a bit about a ‘scarlet letter,’ which actually undermines and subverts and challenges and paradoxifies the chastity element.

I guess stereotypes are OK, as long as they are the stereotypes peddled by the privileged white bourgeois feminist establishment: ‘Nasty Women,’ ‘Career Woman,’ ‘Disenfranchised Hawk.’

Anyone who has ever had pebbles ever thrown at their window cannot but be moved by the song.

This is about dross becoming gold.

Betrayer and betrayed alike cannot but be brought to tears.

Image attribution:

By John William WaterhouseUnknown, Public Domain, Link


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