Were You Born with a Self-Censorship Filter?

I do have an civility filter, albeit an imperfectly cultivated one. But I don’t so much have a self-censorship filter.
And I look around, and I see so many other people with a public voice, and I can see that most people do indeed have such a filter. And I ask…
It’s as though people have certain topics where they feel at ease to conduct critique, and then there are a lot of other topics where petit-bourgeois decency, civility and ‘good form’ prick their filter into action, and all of a sudden, they become radical conformists.
This selective skepticism, selective reformism, selective harshness and abrasiveness seems to be almost universal.
And I don’t understand it.
Have I got some misfiring neurons or something?
Was I dropped on the head as a kid, or what?
I just find it all very bewildering.
Is this nature or nurture?
But what a grand divergence!
There is simply no accounting for it.

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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