We Should Have Let The Debt Deadline Pass

We have missed a great opportunity. Instead of passing a debt ceiling agreement, we should have just let the poop hit the fan and let everything fall though. Bills would go unpaid- then we would learn what our true priorities are and pay those.

The slackers on the bottom would not get their checks and have to get active. The rich would start losing some of their riches, be brought back down to earth and see what life is like for his fellow man, no matter how much better than everyone else he believes himself to be.

Government workers would have to prove their worth by actually working hard for a living. The upper levels of government would have to run around like crazy trying to get the situation balanced because their behinds would really be on the line (see how hard they had to work during this debt crisis this last week?) I bet you a lack of money would be the greatest thing to end bipartisanship since Hitler outlawed every political party but his in 1939.

Letting the debt crisis occur might just have been the real stimulus this country needed to get going again.

The country of Belgium has been without a government for over a year now. The Dutch speaking north and the Flemish south have turned their backs on each other and refuse to speak or negotiate (what two political parties does that remind us of?).

Recently, people there celebrated in the streets the one year anniversary of not having a government. This sounds like a great idea! Lets just send the old political boys home for a year; all of them Republican and Democrat, withhold their pay and benefits, then round them all up around what would have been election time next year and see if they’ve softened their ways.

I bet you they would! Just as fasting without food for a while actually helps and heals the body, so doing without a government for a while might do us all some good!


8 comments on “We Should Have Let The Debt Deadline Pass

  1. I had a loose nut once. As with the scenario in the article, though a bit painful at first, it was certainly a learning experience about my priorities in life.

  2. I just can’t believe Adam Lambert hasn’t spoken out on the debt issue, even now. His reserve is truly enviable.

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