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Yes, Chinese People Really Do Eat Dogs and Cats

Yes, Chinese People Really Do Eat Dogs and Cats

I have got to stop eating out at these back alley streets here in China. It’s summer; and it’s hot: and all the foods here in China are rotten!

Did you know that Chinese people eat dogs too? Yeah, they put them in a stew. And it’s delicious!
They eat cats too. But there is just not enough meat on the cats.

Dog meats are mostly lean, as compared to pork. And dog meats are so cheap here in China on ’em shady markets because migrant farmers come into the cities and steal all the people’s pets in their neighborhoods.
Then they clean them, cook them, and sale them back to the people.

So thoughtful of these farmers. I can’t help admiring their creativeness and entrepreneur spirit.

The Chinese people own a lot of pets these days because people have more money now.
And the Communist government won’t allow them to have more than one children.
So as people’s only child grows older and leave home, these parents tend to get lonely.
That’s why these parents buy a lot of pets — to ease them of their empty-nest syndrome.
That’s where the farmers come in: they steal the pets, chop them up, and sale them for a meager profit on these back-alley streets, where I eat at.
And ’em fat and corrupt Communists love eating ’em lean and juicy dog meat.

Yes, I am living in a big and evil, f*cking empire of 1.3 billion people — that sales and eats other people’s pets.
So take that, you wonderful people of America.

When we [the evil Chinese] take over the world, we’ll eat your pets too!


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18 Responses to “Yes, Chinese People Really Do Eat Dogs and Cats”

  1. karma caring for all says:

    You are an arrogant, ignorant arse wipe and an oxygen thief. What comes around goes around!

  2. gerfnerf says:

    Ha. Like you guys would ever take over the world.

  3. star lass says:

    you ignorent *******

  4. Mimi says:

    Morning All. I will not have these People kill inasent Cats or Dogs. God will not let them do this God Creachers that he loves !

  5. Mimi says:

    China even All Japan will see Gods anger!

  6. I have made many mistakes in my life, and I always pray to God that he gives me the strength to carry on, and that he flows in me and washes away the vices and the voids. Today, I pray for you too, brother. May God shine upon you and show you his face, his salvation. You can be helped, just let go of the wrong, and let in the good. Have a good day =).

  7. Holly Heft says:

    Wow, that is extremely unkind to your neighbors. Your mother must be proud.

  8. Brian White says:

    What's unkind of whom?

  9. rfreed says:

    That certainly brought out a whole new field of commentators.

  10. Laurie Dansby says:

    I f***ng hate the Chinese. Never again will I eat Chinese food.

  11. I don't think I would EVER eat dog meat, but who's to say pet dogs are any different from pet pigs, pet alligators, pet chickens, etc, the list goes on and on, just cuz americans don't eat dog meat doesn't mean its wrong for other people to do it…

  12. I don't think I would EVER eat dog meat, but who's to say pet dogs are any different from pet pigs, pet alligators, pet chickens, etc, the list goes on and on, just cuz americans don't eat dog meat doesn't mean its wrong for other people to do it…

  13. elizabeth gomez says:

    i love eating dogs.

  14. sunshine says:

    This is disgusting, nasty, cruel, and mean.Ewww who eats dogs!!!!!!!!!!!!! some dogs are loyal and chinese people need to treat animals with respect instead of eating and abusing them. yuck!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. sunshine says:

    but i guess it is there culture.

  16. the future says:

    So its not O.K to eat dogs and cats, but it is O.K to eat cows, pigs and chickens? Whats the difference between those animals? Anyways, we do have a problem from an increase of cats in the recent years, some exotic birds are becoming extinct form cat hunting.

  17. Hannibal Lector says:

    Why draw the line at cats and dogs?????


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