Mexico and US Pillowtalk

Why the USA will probably never legalize drugs. (Drug Consumer played by USA; Drug Lord played by Mexico)

USA: I want to stop! Go Away!

MEXICO: No you don’t! You love it! Let me in!

USA: OK, but just for a minute. You are so bad!

MEXICO: No, you are so bad!

…… 30 years later.

USA: When are we going to make this legal?

MEXICO: Baby, you don’t like it the way it is?

USA: Well, we been at this for awhile now, maybe we should make it legal.

MEXICO: I don’t know, my people gonna go crazy when they hear about it, they’d rather pretend we’re, you know, not hanging out together.

USA: Mine too! Let’s leave things the way they are for a while longer. Why fix what ain’t broken?

Author: rlsimmonsjr