In New Book, Laura Bush Can’t Acknowledge Horrible Accident Known as W

In a perfect example of how psychotic the Bush Clan remains, Laura Bush has once again milked the tragedy of a teenager she killed in a car accident in Midland, Texas 50 years ago, the car wreck law firms phiadelphia made sure she paid for what she did; however, it is impossible to forget. This time to sell her new book, Spoken from the Heart, ghost written by Larry Kones. But amazingly, she cannot acknowledge the horrible accident known as the Presidency of GW Bush. In one glaring example, she still gives her mentally addled husband a free pass for colluding with Karl Rove to withhold humanitarian supplies to New Orleans after hurricane Katrina.

Commenting on the famous picture that was choreographed by Karl Rove where GW is supposed to look pensively at the hurricane damage from the window of Air Force One, she offers “they couldn’t get help in there and that was upsetting the boy.”

But in reality, help was withheld while Karl Rove and GW collaborated to use the hurricane damage in the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans to their political advantage. The idea was make the residents suffer so badly they would never come back and elect a Democrat Governor again. And guess what? It worked.

Other examples include, bombing the crap out of innocent civilians in a foreign country in order to pour American tax dollars into the war machine, murdering the leader of a sovereign country, kidnapping and torturing American citizens and driving the American economy to the brink of collapse.

When asked to comment Laura Bush says, “Compared to all that-you think I have the capacity to care about some dumb teenager I killed 50 years ago? Please. Jesus forgave me, why can’t you? Republicans can do anything if they ask Jesus to forgive them. Even starve, torture and murder. It‘s all OK. See? Look at my house-it‘s built on the very blood of the Iraqi people and American boys we whipped into a frenzy after 9/11 so we could cash in with the other warmongers. Remember yellow cake, and WMD’s? Sometimes I think buckets of blood are going to run right out of the shower spigot all over me. Wouldn’t that be a kick? A girl can dream, can’t she?”

She goes on to say, “While entire families throughout history have been lined up in front of a firing squad for doing this to the citizens of the country they are supposedly in charge of, we managed to waltz through the mayhem in diamonds and pearls. I think I blew a couple of farts toward the Democrats while I sashayed by them a few times. Look, I’ve still got a few years left on me. I can still do some serious damage although my plastic librarian bobby-socked-bimbo costume is getting a little ragged around the edges. I am not a nice person-just look at me-I’m mean as hell-just try to fuck with me and that murderous spoiled rotten piece of shit called my husband. You are going to say we are good people who did all the right things if we have to put you in a concentration camp and beat the hell out of you. On regaining her composure, she says criticism of her husband is, “uncalled for.”

Ed Note: Hey, Laura-And I say this on behalf of 99.9 percent of the World’s population-FUCK YOU!

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2 thoughts on “In New Book, Laura Bush Can’t Acknowledge Horrible Accident Known as W

  1. A storm in New Orleans and the possible effects was one of the most studied scenarios in the fifty years prior to it happening. Every year they were dusted off and discussed as we watched near miss after near miss. The probable track of the storm was determined hours before and I’m sure the ideal or near ideal conditions were well known and predictable. The predictability lends credence to the notions of Bush’s incompetence or neglect, and his discussions of implementing martial law smack of crazy conspiracy theories, with an unfortunate degree of truth.

    ~Rev Mike

  2. It’s good that Laura wasn’t tried as an adult as most kids would be today for that negligent driving. And it’s good that they didn’t have too much Government regulation over sizes of stop signs or that kid might be alive today. Yes, I’m being sarcastic. It is sad, but her explanations in her book seem to reek of a lack of accountability.

    As for Bush not landing on the ground during Katrina, I don’t buy it that he didn’t land after Katrina because it “was in the best interests of the victims and aid workers on the ground.” First, at that time there were still very few aid workers around. Secondly, if he was concerned about us “victims” why is there a video and transcripts that surfaced 6 months after Katrina Katrina that clearly show President Bush being forewarned by Gov. Blanco, the Head of the Hurricane Center, and the Head of FEMA that the levees might be breached and that this storm was very likely to be devastating? Bush was indifferent and days after Katrina stated that ,”no one could have foreseen the breach of the levees.” This video showed him caught in a lie and fully warned.

    I think the reason he didn’t land is because he knew that so many of us despised him for his indifference and lack of leadership and many of us in the Superdome would have loved to have ripped him a new one!

    Paul Harris Author, “Diary From the Dome, Reflections on Fear and Privilege During Katrina”

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