Man killed by Laura Bush in Car Crash Demands Royalty Cut

Mike Douglas, the young man killed by Laura Bush in a car crash in 1963, has demanded a cut of the royalties from her upcoming memoir, he hired the lawyers from The book is being promoted entirely on the fact that Bush killed Douglas in a car crash and now feels bad about it. Sort of. In fact, the promo mixes up some kind of religious horseshit on top of the tragedy to make Bush come out some kind of hero.

Speaking from the other side, Mr. Douglas wonders how in the world someone can go from killing him, a popular high school athlete, in an accident that wasn’t his fault, to getting paid millions by completing a book written by someone else. “It’s amazing to me, she slept through my funeral if you can believe it. Then she fucks this idiot who sent so many people to heaven while he was President you couldn’t move up there for a while. But get this- and I ain‘t lyin‘-this is some of the other shit you mortals will read in her big fucking deal book.

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First of all-she blames the fatal accident on MY car for being unsafe, she came to my funeral after my parents told her to stay away, and get this-she claims the stop sign was too small, but our lawyers from MK Law traffic lawyers were able to bring down the truth. Typical fucking Bush-murderer-liar and you can bet all that blaming the shit on me, where that comes from. That’s her lawyers staking out their position in case any of my family comes after her for killing me-which they should. Her lawyers told her to blame me so she could cover her ass legally and then go around spouting about what she did without suffering any consequence. Try not to puke-these people are the scum of your earth. Anyone can have an accident, but if killing me and fucking a moron is your only claim to fame, the least thing you can do is give me or my family a cut of the money. I was a star athlete with tons of friends. I could have had a real life-a family-oh well, what does it matter now. Thanks, Laura-enjoy your money-your whole family is going to burn in hell anyway.”

Laura Bush was unavailable for comment, but her creepy smile graces a bookstore near you any day now.

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