Rock the Vote:

Mission Statement of “Rock the Vote to Make America Great Again” (RVMAGA):

Our pending non-profit, housed in a converted RV, exists to counter voter fraud and far-left election manipulation, purging the rolls of those who shouldn’t be registered to vote. It seeks like-minded patriots.

We support and reach out to officials, particularly in states and jurisdictions that mirror our reverence for the country’s constitutional election traditions. We contact organizations, benefactors, policy-makers, lobbyists, lawyers, and groups who mirror our views on patriotic “voter maintenance” to lend support and guide RIGHT!

Key Facts/RVMAGA

1) June 25 is a holy day akin to Christmas. On that day in 2013, the Supreme Court invalidated provisions of the so-called Voting Rights Act that prevented states from purging voter rolls of misfits, felons, illegal immigrants and other undesirables. In June of 2018, the Court upheld rulings in Texas and Ohio that affirmed the rights of states and congressional districts to remove voter scofflaws.

2) November 8 is a holy day akin to Easter. On that day in 2016, Donald Trump triumphed, in part through the good graces of Voter-ID laws and initiatives, to make America great again.

Policy Directions/RVMAGA

1) We thwart attempts to counter so-called voting-correction mandates by groups such as Stacey Abrams’ New Georgia Project which would register everybody and “yo momma” to vote.

2) We put the Brennan Center for Justice in our sights/sites along with like-minded apologists who object to “caging,” a simple means to verify registered voters. The wording of the Center’s claim that “17 million Americans were dropped from voter rolls between 2016 and 2018—almost four million more than the number purged between 2006 and 2008,” shows its bias. Americans? Ha. Purged? Expunged like mucous because they didn’t exist or shouldn’t have been registered!

3) We mock the Fake News Liberal Press which targets patriots who fight voter outrages. These include POTUS, AGs Jeff Sessions before the fall and William Barr after the fall, members of the President’s Advisory Commission on Election Integrity (disbanded after press whining), beacons of freedom like the American Center for Voting Rights (ACVR), and righteous elected officials such as Georgia Governor Kemp.

4) We’re good if Covid-19, an inept postal service, and the need to get a handle voter fraud necessitate postponing the coming election.

Initiatives:  RVMAGA would Strip the Following, who Forfeited that Right as Noted, of Their Vote :

  • All felons [except white collar patriotic felons whose convictions resulted from over-stepping leftist judges]. Only 6.1 million voting-age felons and 7% of the male African-American population were restricted from voting in the last presidential election. State initiatives can double that stat.
  • All women who have had abortions, and the hypocritic-oath professionals who assisted them. Murder’s murder.
  • Citizens failed to pay off student loans, particularly to for-profit institutions. Colleges, often pits of left-wing propaganda, turn young people against capitalist ideals and responsibility that make America great.
  • Citizens who don’t own a dwelling or American car, or who are not part of a traditional nuclear family that does. What the founders aimed for before Republican ideals got watered down. Besides, urban renters irresponsibly vote for money-leaching causes without paying property taxes.
  • Citizens, who take government entitlements other than those earned by real, solvent Americans, namely Social Security and Medicare. Welfare queens.
  • Citizens who don’t celebrate Christmas, if only as a commercial holy day. Come on, heathens, at least help the economy.
  • Immigrant citizens, except US military offspring and military and politicians of governments that helped us fight the Commies, not born in the U.S. or a European country [which definitely includes Slovenia, Czechoslovakia, and Greenland] will only be entitled to a ½ vote. Melania and Ivana, we love you. Greenland for Puerto Rico would be almost as good as trading New York City back to the savages.
  • Women citizens will be eligible to vote only on reaching their 30th birthdays. Our friend Boris Johnson might embrace this initiative, paying tribute to the 1918 British “Responsibility of the People Act.” Surveys prove men have better political judgement than women.
  • African-American citizens will only be entitled to 3/5 of a vote. Look it up. The founders and their immediate followers had it right.
  • All citizens who support universal mail balloting, even after Covid-19, should be given a sanity test before being allowed to vote. Everybody knows that legitimizing mail balloting would lead to massive fraud. And, have you seen what postal workers look like these days?  As POTUS said, “You’d never have a Republican elected in this country again if Democrats get their way of expanding early voting and vote by mail.”

Author: Ken Hogarty

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