Mistaken Identity Possible Cause of ‘Orange Julius’ Mall Riot In Florida

(Part 3 of 3)

Central, Fl- Strange accounts are emerging this afternoon, after Central Police released three people suspected of participation in a riot Friday night which lead to a four hour ordeal that ended with teargas,numerous arrests, injuries and the destruction of a recently installed Orange Julius Kiosk at the Sunset Mall. According to the Orange Julius Official Website, the kiosk was a Prototype, one of three in existence.

In an exclusive interview, I spoke with one of those suspects, Jannie Freeborn, a mother of three from Washburn, Fl, about the events of that evening. This interview has been edited for the purpose of flow.

“Jannie, can you tell me what happened at the Sunset mall on Friday?”

“I had taken the boys to the mall earlier in the afternoon. We caught a movie, stopped into the Red Robin for some nachos and sliders, then headed over to the Sports Chalet to get my youngest son Gavin a pair of basketball shoes. After talking to the salesmen in the shoe department, a very nice man named Clem, I decided to get some shoes for Toby and Maddox as well.”

“We we leaving the store, when I heard Clem shouting behind us. I turned around, thinking we had left something behind. Clem was still shouting as he approached us. He nearly trampled Gavin as he stormed by. I managed to pull Gavin out of the way, and I was going to let it go. Then he shoved his way passed Toby and Maddox. I kind of lost it. I started after him.”

“I didn’t get very far before Clem slowed down, and pointed a finger towards the row of kiosks in the center of the mall. I was about to grab him so I could give him my piece of my mind, when I looked in the direction he pointed. I have to admit, my mouth dropped when I saw what he was pointing at.”

What did you see Jannie?

“It was the President. Mr. Trump was standing there, plain as day, right by the Mrs. Fields stand. He was just there scowling how he normally does. At first I thought my eyes were deceiving me, that maybe I was having some kind of nervous break or something. It wouldn’t have been that shocking.

I have been pretty worried about the state of things in this nation of late, and the President has been at the forefront of those concerns, so naturally, I thought I was just going a little crazy.”

“When I heard Clem shout “Donald Trump, you son of a bitch!” I realized that the President really was there, in my mall. I guess it’s not so shocking, I mean Mira Largo is just thirty minutes up the highway, and he’s there almost every weekend, and I imagine that even the president wants to try on a pair of jeans in person before he orders a pair on Amazon; so I pushed the doubt out of my mind, and slowly approached with Clem just ahead of me.”

“Clem immediately began berating the President, calling him all sorts of things. That’s when I realized that I was still clutching Gavin by the hand. I told him to go to his brothers, then I walked up and stood next to Clem. For a second there I thought I was gonna keep it all together. I remember noting how strange it was to see this young man Clem, who had been so sweet to my sons in the store, transformed into a man of rage. He then shoved the President multiple times. Trump didn’t budge, and he didn’t say a thing. He just scowled at Clem as he had before.”

“I could see the effect the President’s silence was having on Clem. He shoved the president again, then told the President he can’t just “ignore the people, without serious consequences.” If Trump wasn’t gonna answer, then Clem was gonna get a bat. When he returned he wouldn’t be so nice with his questioning.”

“As Clem stormed off, I approached Mr. Trump. I told him he should probably get out of here before Clem returned, that his life was in danger. I wondered where the secret service was. That smug bastard just scowled back at me like I wasn’t even there.

I have to admit, that ticked me off too. Here I was, a registered Democrat and no fan of the President myself, sticking my neck out to help him, and he just blows me off without a word.”

“Clem returned with an aluminum bat in his hand. He stopped next to me, and told me that I should grab the boys and get them the hell out of there. “Unless it was (my) intent that they witness a man’s murder, you should scram,” he said. Of course that was not what I wanted. Me and my husband had taught our children to deal with conflict peacefully, to resolve problems with their head and their hearts, not with their hands. For a second I thought this is mommies big chance to show her boys how peaceful resolve could defeat violence.

“I only wish that I had practiced what I preached. Instead… I failed my sons. I looked at the President, his stupid face and that stupid expression, and how he was still ignoring us. I lost it… I uh… spit in his face. Then Clem started swinging.”

At this point in the interview, I must admit that I was confused with Jannie’s account, so I asked her how the Orange Julius kiosk came to become involved. Her response has left this reporter baffled.

“Orange Julius Kiosk… what the hell are you talking about? There was no Orange Julius Kiosk in the mall. There used to be an Orange Julius Stand down at the other end of the mall, but it had closed down since our last visit. Toby had been upset when he realized it was shut down, he pointed at the empty stand and started to tear up. Ever since he was little we’d been bringing him to this mall, and a cold Orange Julius before a movie had been a tradition held by this family for as long as he could remember.”

“I don’t know anything about Who vandalized the old Orange Julius stand.”

Wait a minute Jannie, what do you think we’re talking about.

“Friday evening, Sunset Mall. How Wilmont Clemmons, the man who had just sold sneakers to my kids, murdered the President of The United States with a baseball bat.”

At that moment Jimmy Freeborn, Jannie’s husband, entered the home and forcibly ended the interview.

So what are we to make of Jannies claims of an attempted assassination on the President? She’s got to be bat shit crazy, right? That’s what I thought. At the very least, we’re dealing with a person who was high on something. There was no way Jannie’s claims could possibly be true, right?

Then I remembered something a young man had asked me outside the mall during the riot. He’d grabbed me by the sleeve and asked, “Is The President gonna make it?”

I brushed the man off, then a few minutes later l passed on an interview with a man who sat in the back of an ambulance with his head bandaged. He asked me if the President had gotten out alive. I played back all the tape I had of that night, and picked up another four inquiries into the well being of the President.

All this talk about Trump’s well being, coupled with Jannie’s version of that night has got this reporter wondering if there’s even the slightest possibility, that the President of the United States might somehow be involved in all of this. Was Trump a witness to the riot, maybe even it’s victim, and is it possible he was injured or even worse. The Secret Service refused to comment for this report, sighting internal policy. The FBI has referred reporters to a previously released statement. White House officials have refused repeated requests for comment. The Orange Julius Corporation had no additional information, and referred us to previous statements. This story is ongoing.

Author: Fort Nag

Ft. Nag is a poet and speculative satirist who lives in Sacramento, CA.


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