The Saturday Night Live Crew Have Pulled Off the Greatest Skit Of All Time

SNL has just topped anything they have ever done.

They have pulled off the greatest live action skits in the history of comedy.

They got the whole country to believe that Donald Trump was actually our President.

In an incredibly organized and well-oiled spoof that involved thousands of participants at a cost of millions, the wacky crew of the late night comedy show have successfully accomplished what might be the greatest comedic spoof of all time.

In a highly coordinated enterprise involving Donald Trump, his family, NBC TV and a cast and crew of thousands, they have put on an illusion of majestic proportions. Beginning with a concept by SNL Fuhrer Lorne Micheals and his cohorts, they originally propositioned Trump to run again for President with the idea of making it seem like he actually won the election. The other candidates running were not let in on the scheme, in order to make the hyper-reality show seem like the real McCoy.

The biggest part of the joke is – THE SNL PLAYERS PRETENDED TO BE THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE!!!!!

The Trump kingpin himself financed the whole scheme out of his own funds at cost of an estimated 1½ billion dollars. For his part, all The Donald had to do was play himself- something he has been doing since childhood. NBC kept the whole project under the strictest secrecy, beating even the covertness used on the filming of the Star Wars movies.

It was agreed upon that the spoof would be kept secret until after the State of the Union address celebrating Trump’s first year in office after which it would be publicly announced that it was all a hoax. Now released, the news of it hit the world like a tsunami. The dead silence that followed belayed the shock the world was experiencing. That silence soon turned into a roar- for some indignation, some uproarious laughter and others an anger of no defining limit.

Trump himself was the gregarious joker, laughing and clapping his fellow ‘fake’ White House staff and shaking their hands as they celebrated in private the biggest practical joke ever. “We really pulled it over on them with this one!” he was heard to say repeatedly. Of course, he was the chosen host of this week’s opening monologue on SNL which he ended with a loud “April Fool!!!” shout out even though it’s only January.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the spectrum, many went into severe shock at the totally unexpected news. A number of Republicans and Democrats slipped into catatonia and cardiac arrest. A rabidly furious Hillary Clinton had to be muzzled Hannibal Lector style and isolated in a ward until she cooled down. A frustrated Bernie Sanders pulled out what was remaining of his hair.

Reactions from foreign governments are pouring in on Twitter and emails but are delayed because of translators being unable to decipher many of the obscene language being used in them. Vladimir Putin has declared war on the U.S. because he is disappointed he did not have the Trump as securely under his thumb as he thought and that his KGB machine did not pick up on the ruse.


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