Obama Urges Americans to Stage ‘Democratic Coup’ & ‘Liberal Revolution’ Against Trump

Former President Barack Obama has recently ridden on the coat tails of the Sanders and Ron Paul Revolutions, and advocated a ‘Democratic Coup’ in the United States.

Now let me say this.

There are some people out there, who believe that a democratically elected leader is a democratically elected leader.

Well, hm.

You can kind of see where they’re coming from!

There is no need to be uncivil.

My friends, the Republicans, are people with whom we have some honest disagreements.

You know what?

That’s what America is all about.

Free marketplace of ideas, and intellectual diversity.

That’s why my good friend Saul Alinsky has such a special place in my memory; he definitely pushed the envelope, and broke the mold.

Now, I don’t see any reason to be hostile or impolite towards President Donald J. Trump. He has his ideas, and I have mine.

In my opinion, the only way to peacefully resolve our differences, in the amicable spirit of American democratic charity, is to make a Democratic coup and, if you want to put it this way, a ‘liberal Revolution.’

Note the quote marks!

Now… I know… Ha, ha, ha.

I know, that some of the media, some of the Fox News media and other folks out there, are going to try and put a spin on this, and say I was advocating some kind of violent actions, of some kind or another.

Now let me say this. I have always, always, opposed political violence.

My drone strikes stopped the political violence of the Houthi rebels, and I single-handedly stopped the Saddam Hussein regime from perpetrating political violence against the Kurds.

Now I am not going to boast! Heh, heh, heh. But when it comes to me versus Donald J. Trump, I think it’s fairly obvious who has the better credentials for peaceful, non-violent resistance against innocent Syrian schoolkids… uh, nursing Iraqi mothers… uh, never mind the semantics!

So, I hope you will remember these words.

America is counting on you!

Don’t fail me in your hour of direst need.

Donald Trump has furiously dismissed Obama’s charismatic speech as ‘fake pacifism.’

Some might say Obama is not the only one guilty of this in recent times…

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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