Random Thoughts (V): Not All Pacifists are Created Equal

Pacifism and Perfectionism

It is necessary to distinguish between a conscientious objection where one refuses to serve in the Armed forces; versus a kind of intrusive, interventionist and deeply sanctimonious hyper-pacifism which would snatch the gun from the hand of another. 

These are both very different positions.

There are times when the Dictatorship of Love is the Trojan Horse for the Dictatorship of Hate.

Everything in moderation!

Perfection Conservatives and Imperfection Conservatives

Not all conservatives are created equal.

Some conservatives are hypocritical, and want small government at home, and big government abroad.

Others, such as Ron Paul and Peter Hitchens, denounce such egregious hypocrisy.

Whether you want small government at home or not, you can’t deny that at the very least, the imperfection conservatives have the merit of consistency.

Tolerance and Intolerance Liberals

I often think of liberalism as the philosophy of intolerance.

Sadly, this intolerance has been left behind, and sacrificed for a narrow conformism; which latter, in itself, is ‘intolerant’ enough…

But not in a good way!

When will liberalism return to its radical roots?

Some, of course, never left…



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