Obama Urges Americans to Arm Themselves: Gun Sales Finally Plummet

Conspicuously less-violent-than-Dubya former President and achingly photogenic satsuma-baiter Barack Obama has recently sounded a stirring clarion call for an imperilled America.

Obama resoundingly and uncompromisingly warns:

Now in my opinion, we don’t have to worry about jihadist terrorists or white supremacists taking over the government.

The real enemy, if you want to think about it this way, is in all probability the current man occupying the highest seat of power in the country.

I mean, I guess if that’s how you want to think about it, then be my guest!

Now let me say this. Let’s not all get caught up in arbitrary speculations and hypothetical theories.

Still, it is my considered opinion, that if Americans want to remain free from the worst kind of tyranny in our history (I mean, after a fashion, if that’s how not a few of you are inclined to view it), then it’s probably a good idea to arm yourselves, and to consider whether defense really is indeed, as some are saying, the best form of defense.

Contrary to all reasonable expectations, however, gun sales have plummeted to a ridiculous degree in the past 24 hours.

My anonymous Washington Post source from the intelligence community tells me that a crisis meeting at the NRA warned the organization was finally on the verge of being broken up.

And it seems that American conservatives really are selling off their guns at last!

However, a substantial proportion are not even prepared to wait for a buyer, and are setting up impromptu ‘liberty furnaces’ in their own backyard.

One fanatical former gun-nut tells me:

Thomas Jefferson always told us the Great Leap Forward was the only way to protect our freedom.
Obama wanna take our guns, by using some damn stupid cheap reverse psychology confidence trick!
Only way we all gonna keep our freedom is get rid of all our guns so Obama’s shadow government can’t get ’em!
President Trump knows what to do, this boy is gonna protect us from all them evil anti-Second Amendment folks like Mr Barack Hussein Obama!


What do you think Obama is trying to do?

Has Obama’s evil shadow government finally gone too far?

Are Hillary and her Deep State cronies on the verge of an American takeover?

What should the Donald do to show solidarity with the all-American heroes who are now destroying their guns in order to save the Second Amendment?

Leave your thoughts below.

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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