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Glossy News Classics VI. rfreed’s President Obama Stars in ‘It’s a Wonderful Life.’ (2/3)

Glossy News Classics VI. rfreed’s President Obama Stars in ‘It’s a Wonderful Life.’ (2/3)

Last time:

“Why did you do such a damn fool thing?” asked Obama.

“Because, I am your guardian angel,” answered the man.

“What? Now I’ve heard everything!” retorted the President.

“Well, I am here trying to earn my wings by helping you.”

“I’ve had enough for one night! I wish I had never come out here. I wish I had never become President. God, I wish I had never been born!” he stated in exasperation.

“Your wish is my command!” and the little man closed his eyes and blinked in I Dream Of Jeanie fashion.

The story continues:

Suddenly they were back at the White House, or, what seemed like it. A huge fence walled off the White House from view. Fully armed soldiers guarded tightly controlled metal gates, pointing machine guns threateningly at anyone who strode too close.

“Oh my God! What happened?” said Obama.

The little man was still at his side. “This is 2009 as it could have been. You weren’t born, so things came out very differently. When the Democrats couldn’t come up with a strong runner for the 2008 election, Dick Cheney decided it was time to grab power and he did. He and a secret militia took over the White House. He had Bush secretly shipped out to his ranch while he moved into power. The rest of the world realized that the US was now a dictatorship and turned its back on us. He has turned the entire White House that he now occupies into an ‘undisclosed location.’ Let’s take a look around. Oh, and my name is George.”

“Nice to meet you,” said a shocked Obama, still not quite believing his eyes.

Large, lavish palaces office buildings were being built around the White House, replacing the park that used to be across the street. “They are offices being built at taxpayer expense for lobbyists, oil men and top corporate execs,” said George softly.

“Oh, God!” murmured Obama under his breath.

“They are building special tunnels under the street so that they can access the White House without being observed or having to go through security.”

A few blocks away a large fence was being constructed. It stood at least 15 feet high and had guard towers. “This is the new fence being erected to separate the government from the rest of the city. It is an American version of the Berlin Wall. No one will be allowed within but politicians and security personnel. It will be guarded by the most elaborate surveillance and security system the world has ever seen. Any planes of ANY sort flying over will be shot down. His own personal safety is the number one priority for Mr. Cheney.”

George could see the disbelief on the former President’s face. “Come,” he said, taking his arm. “There is someone I want you to meet.”

The world around them began to whirl and dissolved into another urban scene. “Delaware,” said George. He pointed to a man staggering towards them. “Do you recognize him?”

Obama looked hard at the man approaching. “Joe… Joe Biden!” He walked up to him. “Joe, how are you doing?”

The tall, blond-haired man stared at him intently for a moment, then said “Do I know you sir?”

“It’s me, Barack Obama!”

Joe Biden looked even more intently now. “Barick Othama? What sort of name is that?”

“Oh,” Obama stammered. “Um, we’ve met before, but perhaps you don’t remember me. How are you doing?”

“Terrible,” answered the former vice President. “Now that this damned Cheney has taken over his is the only game in town. All other political parties are now banned. Only his cronies are allowed to control anything. Now that I’ve lost my wife, child and my career there isn’t anything worth doing. Thank God he didn’t ban booze. Of course, I suppose he wouldn’t since he made all liquor stores state run and he profits from it. At least I have that to look forward to.”

“How could it come to this?” Obama asked more to himself than to the others.

“How did it happen? Because we weren’t paying attention, that’s why! We slowly let the hooligans get more and more power and let them chisel away our real freedoms until the common man had so few left that he didn’t even have the power to defend them!”

“And Washington let it happen,” murmured Obama.




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