Clinton Email May Answer Question of Why She Stood by Bill

Hillary Clinton, long under investigation by Congress for her use of a private email account for government business, may wish that messages concerning the Benghazi inquiry are the only revelations that come out.

According to recently disclosed documents, emails indicate that it was more than three years after her husband, Bill Clinton, left office that she first realized what the term ‘oral sex’ meant.

The confidential memos between Mrs. Clinton and an aide that reveal she believed oral sex referred to ‘talking dirty’ rather than an actual physical act.

That might answer the vexing question many voters have long had as to why she stubbornly stood by the ex President. At the same time it may explain why her husband found it necessary to find a willing partner rather than his wife.

In memos to her friends Mrs. Clinton unknowingly defended her husband for years under the assumption it was ‘much ado about nothing’ and a ‘typical right wing hatchet job.’

An apparent falling out with an individual, whose name was redacted, resulted in an email in which she was told of the term’s true meaning. Still believing such a thing ‘wasn’t even humanly possible’ she rebuked her friend who then forwarded her charts, graphs and illustrations.

A series of emails followed in which Mrs. Clinton raged against not only the person who made her aware of the ‘process’, as the former first lady called it, but the many others who for years chose to let her believe otherwise.

She also noted that she has come to realize that the phrase ‘blow job’ did not refer to short-term employment as some members of the White House staff had told her.
When asked directly by a reporter about the emails during a recent campaign stop Mrs. Clinton offered a terse ‘no comment’.

Author: gprowler

gprowler is a writer based in California and writes on his blog