Exclusive GlossyNews Interview: Former Trotskyist Jeremy Corbyn (3/3)

Last time:

“You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs.”

Yes, nothing like edgy German socialism to warm the cockles of one’s heart. I love a bit of Liebknecht ‘n’ Luxemburg, you know.

Jezza continues:

And needless to say (although the evil hardcore extreme-right-wing-capitalist-media, e.g. the Guardian and the Socialist Work-Wipe may indeed say it), it’s not that, TECHNICALLY, I condone inappropriate acts of what a proportion of individuals may call ‘terrorism’ really-very-much-at-all…


Of course, I do mean “TECHNICALLY” in a somewhat different sense than UKIP, who are completely different from Trotskyites.

I mean, UKIP, Tories, Lib Dems want to bring about a coercive, homogenous society by thoroughly undemocratic and top-down means, so that they can hark back to a purported Golden Age that never existed.

And in these respects, if in no other respects whatsoever, Trotskyites are completely different.

Well, yeah… Bush vs Obama, anyone?

But, still… I am even more strongly opposed, if anything, to all these, you know, what appear to be genuinely extremist school bus bombings, this sweepingly metaphysical, rigidly unscientific and indiscriminate targeting of random people (civilians, no less!), you know, these deeply problematic and very much ethically questionable acts of violence.

These disconcerting and worrying deeds which are motivated not out of a Noble Cause and Higher Good, but merely by cynical Realpolitik sophistry.

Wallace: ‘Noble Cause, Higher Good?’ So, you’re a neocon, like pretty much every other prominent former Trot?

Jezza: Ohhh! Really HOW DARE YOU! Trotskyite-ism is completely different from neoconservatism.

And only a bigoted, rigid, inflexible, dogmatizing and jargon-ridden petty-bourgeois-revisionist-opportunist would ever dare to dream otherwise.

Wallace: You got any evidence for this wildly implausible and wantonly extravagant assertion?

Or… let me guess…

“It’s all dialectical, baby, you wouldn’t understand.”

Jezza: Well, there’s that too… I have the distinct (-ish, well, kind of a little bit, as it were) impression that…

That you absolutely need to be educated just a tiny a bit more about what may conceivably be what is perhaps not very far off from being…

Well, from being your utterly undeniable and absolutely unquestionable objective class interest.

Still… OK, son.

Look, neoconservatism is a top-down, coercive, homogenising and reactionary movement of embittered, bigoted political elitists.

Yes: fuelled by hatred, resentment and a colossally inflated sense of their own Divine mission and aristocratic station in this Cosmos, these tinpot Atlases and thwarted John Galts wreak havoc in their own countries…

But not only that! So, if you will permit me to draw a somewhat contrived and irrelevant analogy from the history of the State-Capitalist (nota bene!) Soviet Union, there is no “Neoconservatism in One Country…”

Well, I would say that neoconservatives are all expansionists and imperialists, unlike the more complacent and arrogant kinds of dictator who are content to sit at home, retreat within their own borders, and massacre their people, instead of cashing in on a sleazy little double-the-fun, joint home-and-away, joint-venture-people-butchering-cartel.

Wallace: I see. Two very, VERY different ideologies, then.

But what about the persistent and disturbing rumours and allegations that you have links to Amnesty International, the humanitarian imperialist NGO whose intrusive paternalism always serves as quite a handy little skullhammer for the IntCom imperialists?

Jezza: No. They have nothing in common with neocons.

To wit, Amnesty International know what is right for the masses.

And if the masses don’t get what is in their objective interest, then the decadent, corrupt governments better watch their backs, because there are people observing their actions and ready to pounce by any expedient means that arises!

Indeed. “Seize the moment,” as Tony… oh, wait, um…

Wallace: So… this, also, is nothing like Trotskyite-ism in any way WHATSOEVER.

Jezza: That’s very hateful. It’s not ‘Trotskyite-ism.’ It’s Trotskyism, it’s Scientific Socialism.

By the way, the Daily Mail maliciously insinuate that Scientific Socialism should be “SS” for short, but that’s just an archetypical example of petty-bourgeois-reactionary semantics.

As distinguished from authentic proletarian semantics of course. By the way, did I ever educate you on the unmistakably erudite and infallible class standpoint in mathematics?


Hm. Not biting.

Well, anyway, that word you just used, ‘Trostkyite-ism,’ I think that should be hate speech.

You know, for some inexplicable reason (and in all fairness, there’s probably some dialectical pearl of profundity in there somewhere), it’s illegal to commit hate speech AGAINST WOMEN AND ETHNIC MINORITIES…

But not against FORMER TROTS!!!

So, the decadent neoliberal government sure as hell need to sort out their priorities. Don’t you think so?

Wallace: Maybe so.

Who’s to say.

Going home.

I have a headache.

Jezza: That’s very hateful. Shake my hand?

Wallace: Nah, I’ll pass on that one, Komrad. I’m an Unreconstructable pro-disabled fanatic and impenitently irritatingly autistic/autistically irritating critic, so Unreconstructed-Humanist ideologies tend to piss me off. Nothing personal.

Jezza: 🙁 I feel your pain. We former Trots are the most persecuted people in the history of the world. >_____<

Wallace: Aye… well, there’s probably a reason for that. 😉

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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