Fox News Forge Anti-Labour Party Screed (2/2)

Here’s more of the same.

And it’s not often I say that about Fox News!

To be frank, I have no doubt in my mind that many individuals in Labour are horrified at how our party is being occupied by militarists and imperialists.

But the fact remains that whatever the character and opinions of individual Labour members may be, their voices are not likely to prevail, for now…

Against the “loyal opposition” to the Tories that stalks the upper corridors of power within the Labour Party.

Now, I may be Harold Wilson, I may be known as a well-beloved Labour Prime Minister.

But I have one thing I must make crystal-clear to all who read these words, and ponder them in their hearts. Let me now summarize my judgement.

Tories and Labour?

“Misma mierda con distinto olor.”

As the old joke about the vicar runs:

“Smallpox or bubonic plague?”

“Yes please!”

That perhaps is a sufficient condemnation.

Now it may be that some members shall leave the Labour Party and shall form an authentically grassroots organisation. The Labour Party of our day does not belong to people of a lower economic status, or to wage labourers, or to people with any minority status.

No: it is the astroturf vote-cadging Mafia par excellence.

It’s a shame that many people who look back fondly on what they remember of this party have had to see what it’s become. Yes, indeed; I shan’t blame anyone for remaining loyal to the Labour Party.

It is a grave tragedy, but the fact of the matter is that the Labour of today is like an abusive parent, or spouse, or religious organization, or deity, that people just can’t bear to leave.

No matter how many innocent people get a hiding. Or how many are brutally killed or driven to suicide.

Why, yes. There is often a lingering affection for the party I once loved, and that is now, to speak the truth, frankly unrecognizable as my own.

Josef Fritzl.

Jimmy Savile.

Ayatollah Khomeini.

Fred Phelps.

Christian Science.

Jehovah’s Witnesses.



It must be rather a dilemma for the many, many people of good character and integrity remaining in the Labour Party.

Maybe, sooner or later, as with the “Neon Bible” concept album by Arcade Fire that all the trendy young people listen to nowadays, someone will just have to “keep the car running.”

There is life beyond an abusive and cruel patriarch.


I raised one very minor quibbling point with Sean Hannity, although I felt deeply guilty and apprehensive about being such a screaming lefty pedant.

“I don’t want to be over-scrupulous here; but Harold Wilson died many years ago. How come he is commenting about events in 2015? That’s quite an achievement, isn’t it?”

Our Sean was not impressed with my cynical attempt to derail a very serious discussion by throwing up a typical pomo-sophist red herring.

In a mode not entirely unreminiscent of one or two “highly articulate white guys” he works with, Sean told me:

Hah! Wallace Runnymede! I always knew you were a f***in’ asshole. History is bunk! You idealist douchebag! Don’t you realize that facts may be contestable, but convictions are non-negotiable?

Well, looks like all that Euroweenie ivory tower bulls*** you’ve been studying hasn’t done you any good after all. Hah! If only you had made something of your life, you could be the world’s most renowned Fox News presenter!

Frickin’ mainstream jerk-off liberal! You Euroweenie socialist eggheads totally suck ass!

Hmmm… “World’s most renowned Fox News presenter?” Think I’ll pass on that one, thanks.

So… maybe I’ve not done so badly for myself after all. Thanks for that, Sean. You always do brighten my day.


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