Feds Open No-Kill Shelter for Immigrants on Texas/Mexico Border

Laredo, TX – The federal government has opened a new no-kill shelter in this border town to help find homes for thousands of new illegal immigrants who continue flooding into the country.

In the past, if an illegal alien sneaked across our border and was captured by the US Border Patrol, they were either tagged and released or held for three days before being euthanized if a suitable home could not be found for them.

Now, thanks to political correctness run amok, people who are captured crossing the border will be given free food, shelter, and healthcare for an indefinite period of time.

The shelter will run on donations as much as possible and funding will be backed up by stealing taxes from citizens who don’t agree with the policy. These citizens will also be told to “shove it” and to “keep their mouths shut about the issue.”

Proponents of the facility are willing to donate to the new shelter but don’t want any of the “shelter humans” living in their own neighborhoods.

Critics of the shelter, most of whom want the immigrants to be shipped back to their country of origin, are being cast as cruel, mean, racist, and insensitive.

Critics maintain that if the illegal aliens want to go through the normal naturalization process to become a citizen then that is fine but, otherwise, the country does not have the money to support countless new people with little education and few skills.

Starting next week, adoption days will be held on weekends outside many Immi(grant)-Mart stores, which are old Wal-Mart and PetSmart stores the feds have taken over and insisted be used for just this purpose.

Immi-Marts will be stocked with a variety of items that the average illegal might need or want. But it’s all right, you’re paying for it.

Please. Won’t you help an illegal alien find their forever home today?

Author: E. Williams

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  1. ROFL!!! But, can we really afford no-kill shelters when the infestation is this severe?

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