Hillary Clinton Reveals She Was Original Member of “The Beverly Hillbillies”

New York City – Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton came out of the poor house long enough today, on her current book tour, to confess to the world how hard her life has been. She and former President Clinton were “dead broke.”

Clinton, speaking to Diane Sawyer, revealed for the first time that she and Bill were both members of the real family that The Beverly Hillbillies TV show was based on.

During her early years, Clinton’s family was so poor they could only afford to send her to law school. It sure sounds like she grew up on the mean streets of Chicago.

After the lean college years, Hillary married Bill and they subsisted on salaries in the hundreds of thousands of dollars a year as Bill slogged through eight years in the presidency and she lived the life of luxury few ever get to experience.

Fortunately, the couple was still receiving royalty checks from the TV show after selling their life story to Hollywood to help them survive this difficult period in their lives.

Sadly, once they left their opulent life in the White House, the Clinton’s were back to eating mac and cheese and beans every night since Hillary’s only income was from her eight million dollar advance for a book deal.

Bill could only chip in his own multi-million dollar book deal and tens of thousands of dollars per speech he would deliver from time to time.

Life had them down and then it kicked them in the heads when they were simply trying to obtain mortgages for two houses, each averaging around five million dollars. They had to live somewhere!

Recently, an audience member at one of her speeches offered her their own shoes as they tossed them to her after she shuffled barefoot out onto the stage.

The couple hopes to get on their feet financially though just as Hillary is potentially seeking a run for her own presidency. Experts marvel at how the couple have somehow survived on only millions of dollars a year.

Please. Won’t you donate what you can today to the Clintons? Together we can help them defeat poverty in their own lives. If you don’t, they’re never going to go away.

Author: E. Williams

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