Evil Again Seeps Into Our Lives (Not the IRS This Time Either)

Ding dong the witch is back! Blown in by a rouge wind from the north, the bitch whom I literally can’t stand returns.

Even my hopes that the wretched bowel movement of life Roger Ailes would not have any future intent of letting that fact drowning ignorant bitch back on tv have been doused.

The evil talking head spewing nothing but half facts and conjecture returns to continue to fill the empty heads of the brain dead with her distorted and self serving version of history and events.

Clouding the last chance that I had hoped there was for any function in Washington. Shredding decency and honesty with every vile word that passes through those lips that I know have sucked on the genitalia of the dark prince of hell.

Her latest exploit into showing her true colors is in baiting some poor brain dead follower of hers to kick the ass of Bill Maher for making a joke about her disabled child. While there is nobody who endorses those type of jokes, there is also nobody who condones actual violence on someone for making a joke regardless of what taste it leaves in our mouths.

Oh, and who would be the first to complain if someone made an actual threat against them? Stop rolling your eyes, it’s that shit for brains from Alaska.

Other than alerting those who still possess any level of dignity and respect for the truth to “get the raid”, I am forced to start writing about this dried out and angry heroine of tea baggers and lovers of convoluted English again!

May god have mercy on our souls, and those who she scams out of the last dollars they have in their pockets to enrich herself, as we once again go forth to battle right wing idiocy!

Note: Hat tip to Uncle Bobby for the “get the raid” phrase.


2 comments on “Evil Again Seeps Into Our Lives (Not the IRS This Time Either)

  1. I like the crazy eye Photoshop. It adds a certain element.

    I was waiting on the boardwalk down to the marina in Juneau when her and her husband walked by me. She looked at me, could tell I wasn’t that friendly and looked away. My friend who was exited said “Hi” and she said “Hi” back. This was in the time period between when she had quit as Governor yet was still working.
    She and the hubby were all dressed up. They got on a launch that took them out to an unusual yacht. I found out later that it belonged to Rupert Murdoch. He was either grooming her for future political exploits or setting her up to work at FOX. Either way it looked fishy.
    Then a week or two later Cheney shows up in the biggest yacht I have ever seen. Creepy……….

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