Report: Obama Fails to Check Privilege

The White House is on the defense after President Obama was caught failing to check his cisgender privilege at the announcement of a new cabinet appointment.

According to reports, the president referred to UN Ambassador nominee Norrie Powers as “she,” violating the general principles of respect for unique sexual identities. Powers is in fact a neutral sex, non-binary genderqueer, omnigendered, transman, pangender, aromantic, demisexual and anti-sexual transfag.

Before Obama could apologize, Powers was in tears and activist groups came out in full force. Lindsey Francis of the “Anti-Cisgender Defense League” released the following statement:

Our president’s actions are a sad hallmark of existence in a racist and fundamentalist world. Rather than employing a more appropriate and gender neutral “Ze” when referring to Powers, he immediately resorted to the arrogant disregard of a transphobic cisgender bastard.

Other voices were not so kind. Posters on the “Dear Cis Folk” Tumblr page reacted violently to the president’s remarks.

Onegndr2hot2handle said: “On a scale of 1-10 rating bigotry, you are 9.4, Mr. President. That’s worse than Rick Santorum. Die you black cis scum!”

“As a Nazi fetishist I just wanted to let you know, your actions pale what my good people did in the 1930s. I may be an Intergender Chicano African-American, but I love Nazi cosplaying and I can say your bigotry is worse than even the slave trade. #noncisgender problems,” said Hitlerslilgoobergirl.

In response to the outrage, Jay Carney announced the president will create a commission to investigate the potentially criminal nature of his remarks, and has a sex change operation scheduled for late August. Meanwhile, all members of the Obama Administration are to receive training so they are prepared to avoid the boss’s mistake in future scenarios.

Republicans are not happy with the development, however. According to Majority Leader Cantor, the new pronouns which Obama has chosen “Sound very Russo-Germanic and un-American.”

Author: Veto Votti

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