Poll: Majority Concede Overt Racist Moseley Likely Right

ENGLAND – In the wake of Thursday’s vicious attack in London, a new poll finds that a majority of the British public now believe the fascist leader Oswald Moseley was right when he condemned liberal immigration policies in the 1950s.

A survey commissioned by The Times on Monday which polled twenty-thousand people came back with 56 percent in favor of Moseley’s positions, 40 percent against, and 4 percent answering “I’m a multiculturalist-Liberal-Democratic-Faggot.”

Moseley rose to prominence in the 1930s as a harsh critic of both the Conservative and Labour parties for their economic and immigration policies in the 1930s.

He led the British Union of Fascists from 1932-1940, when he was interned for alleged German sympathies. After being released, he moved to found the Union Movement and later the National Party for Europe, in which he would be active until his death in 1980.

The poll has raised great concern with Britain’s foremost politicians. Simon Hughes, a Liberal Democrat who has already made his lust for an Islamic Britain clear, fiercely harangued the survey’s results.

“This is Britain – not America. It would be greatly against my fancy for us to move towards a fascist model of government, regardless of how crucial that system could be to the survival of Europe and the white race,” he said.

Prime Minister David Cameron joined in:

“White people are fundamentally evil. We must not be racist against Muslims, but rather do everything possible to ensure the continued browning of the United Kingdom towards my eventual goal of a predominantly black, Islamic caliphate in 2060. I call on all good self-loathing whites and effeminate liberal manbabies to join forces and achieve this goal. We will unite against fascism and anoint this great Islamic theocracy.”

As for Ed Miliband, his response to questions by reporters was to repeat the same line whilst staring like a yearling into the camera’s lens.

“Diversity is good. Diversity is a strength. Diversity is my lover.”

Author: Veto Votti

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