Patraeus Regrets Affair, Mainly “Getting Found Out”

Former CIA director David Patraeus has confided that he deeply regrets much about his affair with biographer Paula Broadwell, but chief among his regrets is that the affair was discovered and made public.

“He regrets that affair on so many levels”, a close associate of his revealed, “but what he regrets the most is the fact that he got found out. For him that’s the part of it that really sucks.”

Up until that point, in fact, his overall satisfaction levels regarding the affair had reportedly been “pretty damn high”. The unnamed source revealed that Patraeus had spoken of “above average” sexual relations with Broadwell, as well as an increased sense of self-worth and enormous satisfaction at getting away with something that his fellow spooks at the CIA hadn’t yet discovered.

It was really only after the FBI had established the existence of the affair and brought it to the attention of James Clapper, Director of Intelligence, that his feelings on the matter changed.

“Yes, that was the turning point”, the source continued. “It was then that Dave began to feel remorse and regret about what had happened. It really sank home. I don’t mean betraying his wife or putting national security in jeopardy. He didn’t regret those aspects. I mean the getting found out part and all the shame that comes with it. Poor Dave.”

Of particular regret to Patraeus was the fact that he was unable to use his role as CIA director to better hide his extra-marital activities. “If anyone should have been able to cover [an affair] up it’s the goddam head of the CIA”, the source explained.

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