Sorry To Inform You, But This Whole Election Has Been a Scam – My fellow Americans- I wish to prepare you for a great and unbelievable shock.

At least for most of you. Some have already realized what is happening.

Please sit down. This will be hard to take.

The entire election is a hoax. A sham of incredible magnitude.

Our sources have uncovered that it is actually a great money making scheme set up by that master of influencing American politics Rupert Murdoch.

The whole event was staged as way for Murdoch to funnel as much money to his coffers as possible. It has been discovered that all the companies and organizations that have been supplying the printed material, the banners, the balloons and all such nonsense are Murdoch subsidiaries. The halls rented for the conventions and speeches- all leased by Murdoch associates. The ads for both candidates- Murdoch backed.

The whole shebang has created so much wealth for Murdoch that he is now the wealthiest man in the world and controls the politics for the United States. He no longer needs to hide behind his FOX News Corporation and now runs the country. He has declared himself the Supreme Leader of American and has had Obama and Romney both removed to gulags in Alaska.

His first acts of power were to have all other TV channels dissolved making FOX the only televised choice, then closing down the Supreme Court, the Senate and the Legislative branches of the government. He also returned the US to the British and made the British subject to Australian law. He then used the American military to strafe his own home country of Australia bringing it to its knees and declaring himself the ruler there as well.

Being a true Aussie prick, he made both the Queen of England and the Prince of Wales kneel before him. In the most evil stroke of all he chose Dick Cheney to be the Prime Minister over all the lands. Then turning his attention to Asia, he bought the entire country of Red China and made his Chinese born wife, Wendi Deng, its Queen just to piss them off.

As you can see folks, it has been a big news day.


One comment on “Sorry To Inform You, But This Whole Election Has Been a Scam

  1. And oh what an expensive scam it was. Karl "Ham" Rove raised over $300 million from wealthy donors and got exactly ZERO of his candidates elected… that's not a very good return on investment… Karl. Watch yourself buddy. You know how powerful those enemies of yours are, and what lengths they'll go to in order to get their way.

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