Mitt Romney Vows to Eliminate “The Poverty”

GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney announced today that when he is elected he will eliminate poverty by systematically eliminating poor people.

“Poor and under-insured elderly people put a tremendous strain on our county’s resources”, Romney stated at a campaign event.

“The only way to deal with this problem is to eliminate poor and elderly people from the United States”.

Romney outlined several ways to eliminate poor people including denying them medical care, eliminating Medicare and eliminating all social service programs.

“Just last week I was told of a hospital that was treating scores of elderly and uninsured homeless people”, Romney stated. “Many of these people were suffering from cancer, heart disease, kidney problems, liver disease, blindness and a host of other diseases. If we simply put these people on the street we could save billions in health care costs! And this would free up hospitals and doctors to treat the wealthy and well-insured who deserve these services”.

Romney also stated that even though he does not believe in ‘evolution’ he does believe the weak (poor) shall perish and the strong (wealthy) should survive.

“When we have eliminated poverty we will once again have a healthy and prosperous nation”, Romney concluded to cheers from the audience.


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