Five Things You Won’t Hear at the Democratic National Convention

Charlotte, NC – (

During the Republican convention the main theme was reality based with a good dose about our current economic woes. During the DNC convention the discussion will be based upon issues that are social in nature and by-passing the sobering reality of lost jobs, lost opportunities, and mounting national debt.

1. The National Debt

Now approaching $16 trillion, the national debt and our debt to GDP ratio has never been worse despite the fact that Obama ran on a platform of debt reduction.

During the 2008 campaign he roundly attacked President Bush for borrowing from China to spend money we didn’t have. Now it seems that as long as Obama is spending the money, the national debt doesn’t matter. Under his policies it is projected that the debt will be 200% of GDP by the 2030’s.

Obama has already presided over a more than 25% increase in government spending in just three and a half years. Unlike the RNC convention in Tampa, there surely won’t be a National Debt Clock hanging in the arena in Charlotte.

2. The Real Unemployment Rate

Everyone knows the unemployment rate is hovering over 8% and the president has to deliver his message to a nation that hasn’t seen the employment bounce-back promised from the $1 trillion in stimulus.

However, what you won’t hear at the DNC are the real numbers – 23 million people unemployed or underemployed making the real unemployment rate, including those who have stopped looking for work at a staggering 14.9%.

Unemployment is also being concealed by the between 3-4 million people who have been added to the Social Security disability insurance program since Obama took office.

3. Gas Prices

Obama hit President Bush hard for rising gas prices in 2008 and promised Americans relief at the pump. When he took office, the national average for a gallon of gas stood at $1.95. Today, on Labor Day, it’s nearly double, and yet he scarcely mentions it.

How could he after appointing an Energy Secretary that believes it would somehow be good to have gas prices similar to Europe or after spending $1 billion on a failed so-called green jobs program? Obama’s stonewalling of the Keystone XL pipeline is also further evidence that the president is too focused on making the Chevy Volt viable rather than doing anything to lower gas and energy prices for Americans.

4. More than one third of Americans are on Government Assistance

Obama seems to be all for the culture of dependency, but don’t expect him to trumpet the idea that more than one third of the country is now receiving some form of means-tested government assistance.

That number is up from about 24% under Bush. Of course, this welfare state isn’t a creation of the President, but between ObamaCare and his recent gutting of the work requirement for welfare recipients, Obama is well on his way to building his progressive utopia.

5. The Federal Jobs Created. For all the talk about the unemployment rate and sluggish private sector growth, Obama has presided over the creation of nearly 150,000 new unionized government jobs during his term. This included thousands of new workers to manage ObamaCare at the IRS and the Department of Health and Human Services.

This is a big slap in the face to the unemployed in the this country when you consider that the average salary for a federal worker is now in excess of $70,000 plus benefits. Federal workers who benefit from union protection are often doing far better than their private sector counterparts these days. And while GOP governors have been reducing the public payrolls on a state level, Obama has continued to grow the federal bureaucracy.


10 comments on “Five Things You Won’t Hear at the Democratic National Convention

  1. Well the way I see it, the Rep. convention didn’t do any thing for me. Romney didn’t not convince me in any shape or form that he’s qualified to run this country. You sit here and make jokes about what topics were not mentioned at the Dem. Convention, the Rep. Covention didn’t mention anything about how they were going to restore the deficit. Keep in mind, the middle class makes up the majority of this country. Trust me, we are this country. We made this country… Romney just wants to sh*t on us just like his previous Rep. Comrades!!!!

  2. Wow….angry dude huh?

    Yup! Nothing like a community organizer who’s never held a real job running the country, right? Like, simply right into the ground!

    BTW braniac you don’t ‘restore the deficit’ you eliminate it as in cost cutting, that is unless you’re a brain dead ignoramous who feels spending more than you take in is a good business practice.

    Say, didn’t they interview you on the DNC floor and you’re the person who claimed leftislation should be passed that abolishes corporate profit? Hmmmmmm say no more!

  3. Name calling and code words from the right. Typical. As far as Clinton, it’s a couple days post-speech. By this time I’m certain you read his speech fact-checked accurate.

  4. …actually, Bill Clinton’s speech didn’t check at all totally accurate and again, that depends entirely on the so-called ‘expert’ sources used. The Seattle Times can hardly be considered totally accurate, non-partisian, nor un-biased.
    Only a fool would believe a dis-barred attorney, who lied to family and spouse… who has been impeached for lying and who purjured himself in front of a bipartisian Congress… to be telling anything but the truth.
    Maybe you should audition for a job a MSNBC as a spinmeister and entertain Tingles Matthews.

  5. Bargis, you show your ignorance.

    Seattle Times is a right-wing paper. They always endorse right-wing candidates. The Seattle PI was the liberal paper, and it’s gone.

    Now stop trying to start a fight.

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